Certainly a legitimate question. Because there are a lot of diving associations and in the end the quality of the diving instructor counts for the student. But not only: PADI has been a leader for decades when it comes to the development of training systems, teaching materials and training opportunities for divers. And no organization supports its members (the instructors and divecenters) with such extensive and thoughtful materials. So there are a lot of good reasons why PADI has been No.1 in the dive market for decades … And because sometimes pictures say much more than words here a small video:

PADI is the world's largest diving training organisation.

And that’s no coincidence. PADI has been at the forefront of diving training for almost 50 years with its innovative and modern training system. The system allows divers to learn the way they best, with many media for self-study, online learning or instructor-led teaching. With nearly a million breveting in each year and a sizeable safety record, it’s no surprise that PADI is the top choice for divers worldwide.

PADI has high quality standards.

PADI is partly responsible for the development of European standards and ISO recognition for diving and plays a leading role in Ointernational organisations such as the Recreational Scuba Training Council. At the local level, too, PADI works tirelessly to improve the safety of divers, promote environmentally sound behaviours and inspire new divers to sport.

PADI is international.

The name PADI is known in the genzen world and the PADI diving slides are accepted and respected in over 180 countries. PADI divers can be confident that they will be recognized and welcomed wherever they travel. And PADI instructors are finding exciting professional challenges around the world.

PADI is a community.

With more divecenters and diving instructors than any other diving training organization in the world, PADI offers more courses for divers, more holiday fun, adventures and experiences for divers to participate in. This means better work opportunities for PADI instructors and more opportunities for PADI divers. And with ScubaEarth™, PADI’s new comprehensive website on diving, PADI has created a social media tool where PADI pros and PADI divers meet and exchange ideas.

Professional quality

Just as scuba divers must earn their PADI certification, PADI Instructors also have to go through a training program that has set the standards for instructor training in the industry. Each new PADI instructor has in-depth knowledge of the PADI system and runs PADI programs taking into account certain unique criteria. Diving instructor candidates are vetted by so-called PADI Instructor Examiners. This ensures that the assessment approach is objective, fair and globally consistent.

PADI is excellent!

For the 18th time in a row, PADI won the award for the best diving training organisation in 2016. Every year, divers and readers of the magazine Dive in 17 categories select their favorites and PADI is the only company that has taken first place every year (without interruption!) since the award was initiated. The prestigious Diving Awards were presented at BOOT in Düsseldorf on 30 January 2016. PADI won the coveted bronze dolphin, leaving the other two nominated organisations SSI and VDST well behind.

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