Almost all divers are now also diving with Enriched Air/Nitrox. And that means demand for Enriched Air/Nitrox fillings is increasing and more and more skilled people are needed to make those fillings. The PADI Gas Blender course qualifies you and enables you to produce appropriate gas mixtures and pass them on to other certified divers.

TEC REC Gasblender/Gasblender Instructor – Content

  • You will learn about the physical properties of oxygen and the associated hazards and procedures,
  • You will define „oxygen purity“ and make equipment oxygen-pure yourself,
  • You will learn different methods to produce the desired Enriched Air/Nitrox mixture
  • Learn to handle DSAT gas blender software and other mixing programs safely
  • You will calculate, produce and analyze different nitrox mixtures yourself

If you are already PADI OWSI and PADI EANx Specialty Instructor, you can also further qualify to teach your students how to mix Nitrox as a gas blender instructor. In the Gasblender Instructor course, you will learn how to use the accompanying teaching materials effectively in one course and receive valuable tips on how to complete the course and its marketing.

The TEC REC Gasblender course is an absolute must for anyone who wants to enter the TecRec area as an instructor.

Duration: The course to the TEC REC gas blender/gas blender instructor lasts at least 1 day plus. Self. Start dates are arranged individually.


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