Diving insurance

Aquamed dive card including diving insurance for professionals and recreational divers

Aquamed dive card

including diving insurance for professionals and recreational divers

Diving insurance: In case of a diving accident reliable professional help is vital! The dive card is “the doctor at your side”: You have access to a medical emergency call available around the clock and to your medical data stored with us. The dive card includes a complete diving accident insurance: pressure chamber costs are covered worldwide, i.e. also domestically (through the partner insurance company ACE). It also includes a travel health insurance and all treatment costs are covered in case of illness abroad. Here is an overview of the most important advantages of divecard with diving insurance:

Professional emergency management worldwide24h medical consultation and careStorage of medical dataOnline customer portalTravel medical consultation serviceDiving accident insuranceTravel health insurance

And all this without any restrictions on depth or diving technique. The insurance conditions only state that you must adhere to internationally recognized guidelines. Therefore, in addition to appropriate training, you should have, for example, as a solo diver surface support and rescue buoy, as a deep diver support diver, communication and rescue equipment with you. Diving with Nitrox and decompression with 100% oxygen are explicitly covered. Divers on search or rescue missions, e.g. police and fire divers can also enjoy the protection of the dive card. Your dive card application is effective as soon as it is received by Aquamed. You can decide to dive on the spur of the moment and are immediately entitled to benefits! You can submit the application directly online – it really couldn’t be easier.

And which diving insurance is right for you?

dive card basic

The dive card basic is optimal as a diving insurance for the “normal” recreational diver. It includes our 24h medical hotline and the possibility to deposit medical data (e.g. blood group or allergies) with us, so that these are immediately available to the doctors involved in case of emergency. Also included is a worldwide diving accident insurance as well as a very good travel health insurance with unlimited coverage.

dive card professional

Die dive card professional ist für Tauchlehrer und Divemaster: Sie enthält zusätzlich eine Berufshaftpflichtversicherung der Partnerversicherung R & V.

dive card family
Die dive card family ist die Tauchversicherung für die ganze Familie. Sie umfasst die Leistungen der dive card basic für jedes Familienmitglied, insgesamt für max. 2 Erwachsene und 2 Kinder.
travel card
Die travel card ist eine Ergänzung zur eigenen dive card für nicht-tauchende Familienmitglieder (max. 1 Partner und 2 Kinder): hierin enthalten ist unser weltweiter Notrufdienst und die Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung. In der travel card ist keine Tauchunfallversicherung enthalten. Solltest Du mehr als 2 Kinder haben, kostet die dive card family oder travel card für jedes weitere Kind jeweils nur 12,- Euro im Jahr zusätzlich.
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