Diving in La Palma

Fascination Ocean…


Fascinating dive sites for everyone – from beginners to professionals.

The range of dive sites is very extensive: a sea full of contrasts, with different depths and spots for all levels. All our dive sites are accessible from the beach – there are no long boat rides. 

Diving, diving, diving…

La Palma is a true paradise for divers. In the clean and clear waters around the island, with visibility up to 30 meters, we can practice our passion every day of the year. The temperatures make the island a unique paradise of marine biodiversity: volcanic seabed, reefs and caves inhabited by a diverse marine fauna, with an incredible variety of species.

With many caves and steep slopes up to 300 meters deep, diving in the marine reserve of La Palma is a challenge for experienced divers. In the deep water we always meet eagle rays, black corals and dolphins.

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