Prices for PADI Instructor courses, materials and PADI fees

Basic about the cost of PADI PRO programs:

The prices for PADI professional programs are always composed of three components: On the one hand, there is the course price. That’s the amount you pay me for your education. The materials are another item. Of course, you can get the materials from me-but of course it’s OK if you buy the course materials from the Divecenter of your trust or directly from PADI.

The third and final cost component is PADI fees. They consist, on the one hand, of the fees for your personal applications (DM application, AI application, OWSI application, specialty instructor application, etc.) and, on the other hand, of exam fees in the event that you participate in an IE (instructor exam). The cost of PADI fees can be found below or directly in the PADI price list. PADI fees are paid directly to PADI-ideally by credit card-and are not due until the relevant program is completed.


Attractive package offers:

By the way: The top IDC diving instructor training is recognized as vocational education and training and is supported by various instruments of the countries, the European Social Fund (ESF) and the federal government. As a result, virtually everyone has the opportunity to significantly reduce the costs incurred. Please talk to us specifically so that we can determine your individual options and save you money! In addition, we also offer you the possibility of a 0–financingof your course costs.

Individual prices:

Tauchlehrer Kurse/Pakete

Our instructor packages bundle the programs including all ancillary costs and fees at an attractive price. For virtually every candidate, there is a package that saves money. Included in all packages: Extensive top IDC course materials and personal accompaniment to IE.
Top IDC1.300,00
Top IDC_Paket Smart: IDC + EFRI + EOP-Instructor 1.400,00
Top IDC-Paket Ultra: IDC + EFRI + EOP-Instructor + MSDT Prep2.100,00
Top IDC-Paket Prestige:IDC-Prep + IDC + EFRI + EOP-Instructor + MSDT Prep2.700,00
MSDT Prep: 5 Instructor-Specialties nach Absprache 699,00
PADI Divemaster850,00
PADI Assistant-Instructor500,00
IDC Prep-Kurs225,00
PADI IDC1.300,00
PADI IDC Staff-Instructor900,00
EFR-Instructor inkl. Care for Children und O2-Provider-Instructor330,00
PADI Status Update (pro Tag, abhängig vom Aufwand)175,00

Specialty Instructor Training Kurse

Career opportunities in the diving industry are increasing rapidly, but so is competitive pressures, especially when it comes to interesting job or income opportunities. For the really good jobs, it is absolutely necessary that you have special qualifications as an instructor. That’s where the PADI special classes come in. In the Specialty Instructor course, you will receive valuable tips on how to run and market the programs. And the best thing is: You are allowed to teach the Specialties immediately and don’t have to wait until you have breveted 25 diving students! An overview of all the specialties offered can be found here.
Specialty Instructor Training Kurse
Destinctive Specialty Relaxed Diver290,00
Alle anderen Specialties175,00

PADI TecRec Programme

Technical diving represents the „extreme sports variant“ of device diving, which allows experienced and qualified divers to penetrate much further into the depths of the underwater world than ordinary scuba divers can. Technical diving is characterized by the use of much more diving equipment and special training requirements in order to be able to deal with the additional risks that this type of diving entails. Tec diving is not for everyone. But for all those who hear the call of the challenge, the PADI TecRec courses are the answer.
PADI TecRec Kurse
PADI Tec Deep Diver1.099,00
PADI Tec 40 Diver 399,00
PADI Tec 45 Diver 399,00
PADI Tec 50 Diver 399,00
PADI Tec Intructor Kurs 990,00
PADI Tec Deep Instructor Kurs 1.399,00
Upgrade PADI Tec Instructor zu Padi Tec Deep Instructor 399,00
Tec Gasblender (Theorie & Workshop & praktische Anwendung) 195,00
Tec Gasblender-Instructor Kurs (Theorie & Workshop & praktische Anwendung) 425,00

PADI Kursmaterialien

Of course, you can also order the necessary PADI materials directly from PADI as a PADI Divemaster or higher brevished PADI professional. Or buy the course materials at the Divecenter of Your Trust. However, you should compare the prices-you probably have a not inconsiderable price advantage when you place an order with us. And we know exactly what materials you really need.
PADI Materialien
PADI Divemaster Crewpack181,00
PADI Divemaster Crewpack ultimate194,00
PADI IDC Crewpack520,00
PADI Pack Student Material255,00
IDC Staff Instructor Crewpack inkl. Registrierungsnummer286,00
IDC Staff Instructor Crewpack DIGITAL inkl. Registrierungsnummer286,00
EFR Instructor Pack156,00
More PADI materials on request.

PADI Gebühren

PADI fees are paid directly to PADI-ideally by credit card. You will receive a personal invoice from PADI if you wish.
PADI Gebühren
PADI Divemaster Application121,20
DSD Leader49,20
Assistant Instructor Application90,00
IDC Application206,00
Instructor Examination (IE)708,00
Specialty Instructor (CD trained)48,00
IDC Staff Instructor120,00
Master Instructor120,00
Emergency First Response Instructor128,00
TecRec Instructor Application48,00
PADI Gebühren inklusive MwSt gem. aktueller Preisliste
All courses and course packages are subject to our terms andconditions.

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