PADI Tec Rec Instructor Programs.

Inclock yourself and your students into new worlds.

PADI Tec Rec Programs

Technical diving is certainly not for everyone. But for many seeking new challenges, the PADI TecRec courses are the answer. PADI defines „technical diving“ as a way of diving that transcends the boundaries of scuba diving but has nothing to do with „professional diving.“ Furthermore, it is defined as an activity that meets at least one of the following criteria: Dives deeper than 40 meters, prescribed, step-by-step decompression, diving in an environment where there is no direct ascent within 40 meters (horizontal & vertically), accelerated, phased decompression and/or the use of multiple gases during a dive.

PADI launched the TecRec program in 2000, along with Diving Science And Technology (DSAT). The benefits of the program include:

  • A coherent, logical course structure that runs from the Tec beginner to a qualified Tec diver dipping with different gases.
  • Extensive, up-to-date course materials
  • Each course level brings it to new equipment, planning methods and processes that are necessary with greater diving depth.
  • The Tec Deep Diver course is a sequence of three courses: Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50. You can do the courses one after the other or individually. The courses ultimately form the basis for the instructor levels in the TecRec system.

With me you can complete your training from „deepen diving“ (Discover Tec) to the TecDeep instructor . I attach great importance to the fact that the training is at your personal pace and that you feel comfortable at all times, here there are no „mother samples“! And in order to ensure your learning success optimally, you will receive additional accompanying German materials (Powerpoint charts, handouts, worksheets, tests, etc.) at your course in addition to the usual professional PADI materials.

The TecRec courses are supplemented with the Gasblender course. However, this course is also a useful and exciting addition to his training for some.

Tec 40 Diver

Tec 40 Diver

Der PADI Tec40 Diver Kurs ist der erste Kurs im PADI TecRec Programm für technisches Tauchen. Der Kurs stellt dir Tauchgänge mit begrenzter Dekompression und das Handling von Tec-Equipment vor.

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Tec 45 Diver

Tec 45 Diver

Der Tec 45 Diver-Kurs ist der zweite Teilkurs des kompletten Tec Deep Diver Kurses und baut auf den Kenntnissen und Fertigkeiten des Tec40 Diver Kurses auf.

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Tec 50 Diver

Tec 50 Diver

In diesem Kurs wird der Umgang mit mehr als einem Deco-Gas trainiert, sowie das Tauchen in Tiefen bis maximal 50 m.

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PADI Tec Instructor

PADI Tec Instructor

Mit diesem Kurs erreichst Du das erste Level jener PADI-Tauchlehrer, die sich dem Unterrichten der TecRec Programme widmen. Der Tec Instructor Training Kurs ist die Stufe vor dem Tec Deep Instructor Kurs und erlaubt Dir das Unterrichten von Tec 40 Tauchern.

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Tec Deep Instructor

Tec Deep Instructor

Der Tec Deep Instructor Kurs berücksichtigt die anspruchsvolle und herausfordernde Aufgabe, einen Kurs in technischem Tauchen zu unterrichten. Dieser Kurs bereitet die Teilnehmer auf die Durchführung des Tec Deep Diver Kurses vor.

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Tec Rec Gasblender & Gasblender-Instructor

Tec Rec Gasblender & Gasblender-Instructor

Fast alle Taucher tauchen auch mit Enriched Air/Nitrox. Und das bedeutet, dass die Nachfrage nach Enriched Air/Nitrox Füllungen steigt und immer mehr qualifizierte Leute benötigt werden, um diese Füllungen herzustellen.

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Prices for the Tec Rec programs at instructor-level:

PADI TecRec Programme

Technical diving represents the „extreme sports variant“ of device diving, which allows experienced and qualified divers to penetrate much further into the depths of the underwater world than ordinary scuba divers can. Technical diving is characterized by the use of much more diving equipment and special training requirements in order to be able to deal with the additional risks that this type of diving entails. Tec diving is not for everyone. But for all those who hear the call of the challenge, the PADI TecRec courses are the answer.
PADI TecRec Kurse
PADI Tec Deep Diver1.099,00
PADI Tec 40 Diver 399,00
PADI Tec 45 Diver 399,00
PADI Tec 50 Diver 399,00
PADI Tec Intructor Kurs 990,00
PADI Tec Deep Instructor Kurs 1.399,00
Upgrade PADI Tec Instructor zu Padi Tec Deep Instructor 399,00
Tec Gasblender (Theorie & Workshop & praktische Anwendung) 195,00
Tec Gasblender-Instructor Kurs (Theorie & Workshop & praktische Anwendung) 425,00

TecRec Kursmaterialien

Of course, you can buy the necessary PADI materials at the Divecenter of your trust or order them elsewhere. However, you should compare the prices-we are sure that if you place an order with us, you have a not inconsiderable price advantage. And we know exactly what materials you really need.
TecRec Kurs-Materialien
TecRec Tec Deep Student Crewpack 64,00
Tec Deep Instructor Guide with Binder 42,00
CD-ROM - Tec Diver Course, Instructor Guide 42,00
CD-ROM - Tec Diver Instructor Course Lesson Guides 42,00
Gasblender Manual inkl. Blendersoftware 44,00
Gasblender Instructor Outline 39,00
More PADI materials on request.

Funding opportunities:

Top IDC Tec-Rec training is also recognised as vocational education and training and is supported by various instruments from countries, the European Social Fund (ESF) and the federal government. As a result, virtually everyone has the opportunity to significantly reduce the costs incurred. Please talk to me specifically so that we can determine your individual options and you save money! In addition, I always offer the possibility of 0–financing your course costs.